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Top Reasons Why You Should Get Cubic Zirconia Rings

Move over diamonds, cubic zirconia here to stay.

Beautiful diamond rings certainly attract everyone who prefers to accessorize with sparkly gems. But because diamond rings are incredibly costly, not everyone can afford them & that's where Cubic Zirconia jewelry rings come into the scene. Since it was launched into the fashion business around the year 1978, there haven't been any artificial gemstones that have made such a significant impact as CZ.

There are so many reasons to love these fashionable cubic zirconia rings, but we came up with the top six. With that said, allow us to convince you why cubic zirconia rings are worth every penny.

  • Ease of Replacement

No one can deny the fact that diamonds are forever, but that is until an expensive engagement ring you bought goes missing. It's not unusual to lose a ring. Still, if it's of diamond, the replacement cost & the entire process of customizing it again becomes a herculean task. 

For these kinds of reasons, more people are opting for Cubic Zirconia rings & even other forms of CZ jewelry, as they are pretty much easier to replace.

  • Fashion-forward

Because this sort of jewelry is available in so many designs, you get to stay trendy & stylish for less. So if you want to be a show-stopper in functions/parties or night-outs with these CZ on-trend rose gold or white gold rings that sparkle in the moonlight, come to Chic Jewelry & our experts will assist you in finding your perfect CZ Ring. With us, you get to experiment with the latest trending styles.

  • Easy to Maintain

CZ jewelry is very easy to clean, store & maintain. It doesn't require a lot of upkeep, although it is recommended that you take proper care of your jewelry. Simply taking it to a professional jeweler like us twice a year should be good enough to retain the shine & luster. 

While one can wear Cubic Zirconia jewelry regularly, it is recommended that you keep the stone away from harsh chemicals that may be present in certain cosmetics.

  • Affordability & Savings

This is the topmost gain you get from purchasing cubic zirconia engagement rings or cz wedding rings. Instead of breaking the bank by buying a fancy diamond ring, invest in two or more equally stunning cubic zirconia rings with varying designs.

  • Stunning Brilliance

CZ stones own perfect clarity & flawlessness. They are ideally cut & sparkle even at the touch of the lowest light. Moreover, they present impressive glitter & flashes of rainbow shades, making them ideal for wearing at night.

  • Hardness/Scratch Resistance

When buying a ring, one of the top considerations is the durability of the material. CZ jewelry is tough & is available at a rate of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. In addition, a good CZ ring is resistant to getting scratches & anyone can wear it every day of the year without any worry of damage.

  • Quality

As opposed to the belief, CZ rings do not look cheap at all. On the opposite, these CZ pieces offer such quality to give any wearer a classic, charming look. This is why more & more women & men prefer to wear CZ rings.

  • Wear It Every Day, Everywhere!

Unlike delicate jewelry or precious gemstones, CZ jewelry can be worn daily without the fear of wear & tear or damage. CZ jewelry is extremely tough & immune to scratches & rust. All you need to do is ensure that the stone setting is done correctly.

  • Celebrities

You'd be happy to know that celebs also love cubic zirconia rings! They prefer to wear these CZ rings because these pieces give them the freedom to do daily activities with ease. Wearing something pricey on their finger for a long time can be stressful too, so they opt to wear the less costly alternatives.

Have we convinced you? If not, check out the Chic Jewelries Cubic Zirconia Rings collection & see for yourself; we offer Cubic Zirconia fashion jewelry pieces with various designs that anyone will love!

Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions About Cubic Zirconia Rings

1. How To Clean Cubic Zirconia Ring?

You can use warm water & mild soap to clean a cubic zirconia ring. Soak the ring in the solution for a few minutes, gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly & dry it with a soft cloth. You can also use jewelry cleaning solutions made explicitly for CZ stones.

2. Is A Cubic Zirconia A Good Engagement Ring? 

Yes, a cubic zirconia ring can make for a good engagement ring. It offers the same stunning appearance as diamond rings but is much more affordable. Plus, it is easy to replace & maintain.

3. Are Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings Tacky? 

No, cubic zirconia engagement rings are not tacky. They offer the same sparkle & brilliance as diamond rings but at a lower cost. With various styles & designs available, CZ engagement rings can look sophisticated & elegant.

4. Are Cubic Zirconia Rings Good? 

Yes, cubic zirconia rings are good. They offer the same visual appeal as diamond rings but at a more affordable price. Plus, they are durable & easy to maintain.

5. Are Cubic Zirconia Rings Real?

Yes, cubic zirconia rings are real. While they may not be natural stones like diamonds, CZ stones are lab-created & have the same chemical composition as natural gemstones.

6. Are Cubic Zirconia Rings Worth Anything?

Yes, cubic zirconia rings are worth something. While they may not hold the same value as diamonds, CZ rings still have value due to their appearance & durability.

7. Do Cubic Zirconia Rings Change Color?

No, cubic zirconia rings do not change color. CZ stones will maintain their color & brilliance as long as they are appropriately cared for.

8. Do Cubic Zirconia Rings Last?

Yes, cubic zirconia rings can last long with proper care. They are durable & resistant to scratches, making them suitable for everyday wear.

9. Do Cubic Zirconia Rings Rust?

No, cubic zirconia rings do not rust. They are made of a different material than metals that can rust.

10. Do Cubic Zirconia Rings Turn Your Finger Green?

No, cubic zirconia rings do not turn your finger green. The material used for CZ stones does not react with skin & does not cause discoloration.

11. How Much Are Cubic Zirconia Rings?

The cost of a cubic zirconia ring can vary depending on the quality, design & size. However, they are generally more affordable than diamond rings.

12. How Much To Replace A Cubic Zirconia In A Ring?

The cost of replacing a cubic zirconia in a ring can vary depending on the size & quality of the stone. It is recommended to consult with a professional jeweler for an accurate estimate.

13. How To Clean Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Ring?

You can use warm water & mild soap to clean cubic zirconia & sterling silver rings. Soak the ring in the solution for a few minutes, gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly & dry it with a soft cloth. You can also use jewelry cleaning solutions made explicitly for CZ stones.

14. How To Take Care Of Cubic Zirconia Ring?

To take care of a cubic zirconia ring, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals & store it in a jewelry box when not in use. You can clean it regularly with warm water & mild soap or bring it to a professional jeweler.

15. How To Tell If A Ring Is Cubic Zirconia?

You can use a jeweler's loupe to examine the stone to tell if a ring is cubic zirconia. CZ stones will have more fire & flashes of color when compared to a diamond under magnification.

16. What Is Cubic Zirconia Rings?

Cubic zirconia rings are jewelry pieces with synthetic cubic zirconia stone as the centerpiece. CZ stones are designed to mimic the look of diamonds & other precious gemstones.

17. Where Can I Buy A Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring? 

You can buy a cubic zirconia engagement ring at various jewelry stores, both online & offline. It is essential to do your research & choose a reputable seller like Chic Jewelry that offers quality CZ rings.

18. Who Makes The Best Cubic Zirconia Rings?

There are various jewelry manufacturers & designers that make high-quality cubic zirconia rings. But among all of them, Chic Jewelry is known for its finely crafted & stunning CZ rings. We at Chic Jewelry offer a wide range of CZ rings with various styles & designs to choose from.

19. Is Cubic Zirconia Good For A Wedding Ring?

Cubic zirconia can make for a good wedding ring, especially if you are on a budget. It offers the same sparkle & brilliance as diamonds at a more affordable price, making it an attractive option for couples. Additionally, CZ rings are durable & easy to maintain, making them suitable for everyday wear. However, depending on personal preference, some may prefer natural gemstones or diamonds for their wedding rings. Cubic zirconia is an excellent option for an affordable & beautiful wedding ring. 

20. What Is The Best Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?

The best cubic zirconia engagement ring for you depends on your style & budget. Some popular types include solitaire, halo & three-stone rings. Choosing a high-quality CZ stone with excellent cut & clarity is essential for the most brilliant appearance. Additionally, consider the metal used for the band, as it can affect the overall look & durability of the ring. Overall, the best CZ engagement ring fits your preferences & budget.