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Methods for Cleaning Your Cubic Zirconia Rings

In our last blog, you read about some top reasons why you should get Cubic Zirconia Rings. We hope you enjoyed reading our previous article & must have bought CZ rings for your loved ones from our huge inventory of CZ Rings.

We are back again, but this time we are here to answer the most asked question, i.e., how to clean your Cubic Zirconia Rings.

Cleaning cubic zirconia rings absolutely can be done in many ways. Learn which options are best for your personal CZ Jewelry pieces.

Cleaning CZ Rings & It’s Settings

The best approach for restoring the shine & brilliance of your cubic zirconia rings is largely decided by the setting it has been mounted in & the different gemstones that have been joined in the piece. Soft metals can easily get scratches & gemstones of low density can be forever scarred unless handled properly.

CZ can be cleansed utilizing methods that are acceptable & pretty much similar to cleaning diamonds. Even a good-quality jewelry brush will not scratch the crystals. With this knowledge, you must always pick the best cleaning method for the most delicate material used in the ring.

  • Polishing Cloths

Utilizing polishing cloths manufactured from soft cotton fabric is deemed one of the least harmful materials for cleaning zirconia rings. Just rub the CZ engagement ring & setting carefully to remove dirt, oils & restore its original sparkle & shine. 

This method works perfectly with almost any other material. Still, it's especially great for sterling silver settings, delicate pearls & turquoise.

  • Commercial Solutions

Commercial jewelry cleaning solvents work, but you must read the labels thoroughly to conclude if they are suitable for the minor gems & metals utilized in your rings.

Utilizing a harsh kind of cleaner on pearls & coral may damage the finish on these elements altogether.

  • Liquid Soap or Warm Water

Warm water & liquid soap will do wonders for restoring a crisp, clean look to CZ rings. You can wash the jewelry piece with your fingers pretty gently or with a soft cloth. However, do not skip to rinse the ring completely to eliminate all traces of detergent, or your jewelry piece might get a filmy residue that will dull the brilliance of your gem.

  • Steam Cleaners

This method has become pretty popular in recent years & is utilized on stuff ranging from household appliances to jewelry.

Although an excellent stream of steam will melt most gunk & contaminants lurking in the crannies & nooks of a Cubic Zirconia ring, at the same time, steam heat can harm softer gemstones, so try this method with caution.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

These sorts of cleaners are the first choice for most jewelers. These machines carry a water reservoir that cautiously holds the jewelry. At the same time, it is attacked with hundreds or thousands of ultrasonic waves that loosen the debris ambushed within the setting.

While this approach is excellent for standard Cubic Zirconia rings, ultrasonic cleansing may damage some softer gems & metal, so it's important to learn the qualities of each material applied in your ring.

Keep Your Cubic Zirconia Ring Sparkling Forever

Cleansing cubic zirconia rings or CZ Jewelry is an essential part of preserving the brilliance quality of each piece. However, for the jewels themselves, the frequency of the cleansing is actually more significant than how those purifications are carried out.

However, since many Cubic Zirconia jewelry pieces incorporate other gems, it's always a great idea to seek professional cleaning advice from your local jeweler to avoid damaging your pieces. In addition, you can contact professionals at Chic Jewelry & ask for help.

We have been manufacturing rings and other jewels with experience going back 35 years. Our skilled staff is a part of a 75-year dynasty of three generations. We operate from the Los Angeles Jewelry District, providing service to the retail and the entire jewelry industry. Being in the heart of where it all happens, we have every resource at our fingertips to provide all the services our customers demand.

With regular care & maintenance from Chic Jewelry, your CZ rings will retain their beauty & be ready to pass on to generations to come.