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What It Takes to Design Great Jewelry - from Concept to Completion

Traditionally, rings were hand made which increased the chance of human error in symmetry and consistency. Today we have the technology to create rings through sophisticated computer software and hardware.

With this technology we are able to design rings or take an image provided to us and transfer it into a beautiful ring from our computers. Here are some of the steps that are taken to create your ring.

1. Design - We first design the ring on computers using three-dimensional software or if you have a picture of a ring we transfer it into our computer.
2. Programming - We then program coordinates into our wax-molding printer.
3. Wax impression - Our wax-molding printer creates the ring in wax form.
4. Investment - We then put the wax mold into an investment.
5. Over night melting - We allow the investment to bake in a special oven over night melting the wax out and leaving a cavity of the ring in the investment.
6. Casting - We then make the casting of the ring.
7. Casting Cleaning - We then do extensive cleaning of the casting.
8. Polishing - We polish the ring to a high luster.
9. Setting - We use the same high quality settings that are used for diamonds
10. Quality Control - Our last but most important step is our quality control inspection. We have an extensive checklist that each ring has to meet in order to be released form the production department.

The Manufacturing Process