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At Chic Jewelry, all of our jewelry is made in the U.S.A in our own Los Angeles workshop, in the heart of the jewelry district. We've put together some educational videos that will take you behind the scenes and give you a first hand look at the process that takes place the moment you click check out and place your order. We've also prepared articles about the entire jewelry manufacturing process.

Don't spend thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring -you don't have to.

Diamonds are a poor investment because they sell at retail value, and depreciate over time. Just as a car's worth drops thousands of dollars the moment you drive it off the lot, so does the value of your fiancé's diamond ring upon leaving the jeweler. The history behind diamond prices can be traced back to the absolutely genius marketing strategy developed in the 1930's when De Beers artificially inflated diamond value by intentionally stockpiling them away from the public. In conjunction with advertising in association with romance, he elevated the diamond as a not only desired, but necessary part of the proposal.

Men are starting to outsmart the incredibly alluring line, "Diamonds are forever." As the origins of the diamond proposal are increasingly re-exposed, more couples are turning towards cubic zirconia as their preferred choice for engagement rings. Cubic zirconia looks and feels so much like the real thing, there is hardly any different. Both are rated at the far end of the hardness scale, authentic diamonds rating at a score of ten and cubic zircona rating at an 8.5. The refractive index is also incredibly close, which measure's the stone's ability to produce a prism of colors. Their clarity and cut match that of any real diamond, so the question remains: Why spend thousands more on a diamond if it's real value depreciates significantly over time?

At Chic Jewelry we offer a complete selection of cubic zirconia rings in all kinds of designs, cuts and colors. All of our jewelry is made factory direct, insuring you get a value you won't find at any local jeweler. All of our jewelry is AAA rated in gold or platinum settings to insure the best quality on the market. Because the price is significantly lower than the inflated price of a real diamond, your future wife will be the envy of every eye with a sparking gem larger than any authentic diamond at the same price.

For more information contact one of our professional jewelers today at (888) 884-2442.

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