At we have been manufacturing rings and other jewels with experience going back 35 years. Our skilled staff is a part of a 75-year dynasty of three generations. We operate from the Los Angeles Jewelry District providing service not only to the retail, but to the entire jewelry industry. Being in the heart of where it all happens, we have every resource at our finger tips to provide all the services our customers demand.

At Chic Jewelry, all of our jewelry is made in the U.S.A in our own Los Angeles workshop, in the heart of the jewelry district. Our address is 635 S. Hill Street, Suite 805, Los Angeles, CA 90014

We've put together some educational videos that will take you behind the scenes and give you a first hand look at the process that takes place the moment you click check out and place your order. We've also prepared articles about the entire jewelry manufacturing process.

We are equipped with the newest technology to meet the need of any creative challenge put forth upon us. The manner in which we operate is solely based upon quality and value. Material used in our production is imported from various prominent sources around the world. We only use high quality precious metals that are tested and certified to meet all standard regulations.

Our jewelry is manufactured under close supervision of our quality control department comprised of half a dozen master jewelers. Combination of strict standards and use of the highest quality of material result in creating an art piece that our clients will cherish forever.

We are constantly scouting today's latest designs in high fashion and everyday wear jewelry. We have an extensive collection of latest and time proven popular designs. Although our collection meets the demand of most customers, we have the capability to custom design or redesign any of our styles to meet any needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your custom orders.

Looking beautiful without spending a fortune has never been easier. When shopping around for the perfect accessory, remember clarity, carat, and color when purchasing your cubic zirconia in order to get the highest quality stone. A high-end cubic zirconia diamond is one that is cut to perfect proportions, internally flawless, with a rich, fiery color. A cubic zirconia gem with these qualities exhibits a stunning vibrancy and brilliance, without losing its luster over time.

Cubic Zirconia jewelry we provide has AAA high quality, IGI certified world's finest Cubic Zirconia stones set in precious metals, such as solid Platinum, 18k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold and 14k rose gold settings. These same exact settings are made for natural precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, ruby, emeralds and so forth. The settings are solid and heavy, as heavy as the design allows them to be. They are not artificially hallowed out.

All rings come with a stamp that is a proof of the karat used in gold or Platinum setting. We provide lifetime warranty on cubic zirconia stones that are set in our settings, at no extra charge. The purchase of any item from guarantees the coverage of the warranty .ALL RINGS ARE MADE IN USA. We keep up with the latest popular design in the industry. We thrive on providing value and quality to all our customers. Please contact us with any questions or to customize one of our styles with any center stone you like 888-884-2442.

Choosing a AAA cubic zirconia stone from is the absolute best you can buy for an engagement or wedding ring. Diamond values are inflated to fool you into purchasing something that is worth much less. Cubic zirconia offers the same great quality of a diamond at a much more accurate price. Save the remainder that you would have spent on an expensive diamond and put it towards your wedding or house down-payment. Trends are starting to move away from the traditional diamond style and towards more economic pieces that are just as gorgeous as the real thing.

Our cubic zirconia line is all manufactured in the USA, right in our Downtown Los Angeles location. Controlled laboratory environments result in perfect CZ gems—every time. In fact, we are so confident in the jewelry we sell, all gems made in-house receive a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee, including cracking and chipping under normal wear, with a presented original receipt. There really is no better choice than chic jewelry for all sentimental jewelry needs.

Contact one of our experienced jewelers at (888) 884-2442 for more information on how you can find the perfect match for your sweetheart through our complete selection of wedding and engagement rings.