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What is an Appraisal?

Jewelry appraisals offer an important certification that helps to authenticate your jewelry. These documents may grade jewelry, assigning a grade that signifies the quality of the piece. Though almost anyone can perform a jewelry appraisal, it is best to use a licensed professional. Chic Jewelry employs Gemological Laboratory Services to ensure the most accurate grading of your metals. This guarantees you get an accurate explanation of the value of your piece.

What comes with the Appraisal?
Customers who order products from Chic Jewelry are entitled to an appraisal at time of purchase for the fee of $70. This is done to accurately grade the value of your piece, and provide some certificates of value to protect you in the event of insurance claims. Typically, customers are shocked to learn that the actual sales price is much lower than the appraisal value. The biggest benefit for the customer is the certificate that comes with the appraisal. This certificate assigns a value to the jewelry, and can act as documentation in situations where an insurance claim is necessary. Many customers receive appraisals and certificates of value without ever intending on selling the piece. Before you get your piece appraised, it would be beneficial to learn a bit about the value of metals. You should know the going rate of gold and platinum, but be willing to listen to your appraiser.

What are the Benefits?
An appraisal with Chic Jewelry will cost $70, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. For one, the seller gets the peace of mind that comes from knowing the value of a piece (which is often well worth the cost to have it appraised). The certificate is another benefit, as it helps provide some protection in situations where insurance claims must be filed. The most important benefit often comes in knowing that the piece you bought is worth far more than the sales price.

How to Get an Appraisal
All orders are eligible for appraisal at the time of purchase, if you wish. The service is provided by Gemological Laboratory Services, a group of licensed professionals who examine and grade jewelry. For more information, or to add this service to your existing order, contact Chic Jewelry at:888-884-2442.