Buying a CZ Engagement Ring

If you are thinking of buying a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, trust us. It will be a wise financial decision for you. You get exactly the same charm & durability without the high prices & concerns. 

As a jewelry lover, there are many things you should consider while purchasing your engagement ring, aside from the price. This article will tell you how to buy the perfect engagement ring for you or your loved ones.

  • Stone Shape

The appearance or the formation of the main stone speaks a lot about the personality wearing it. The most famous cut is by far the brilliant-cut & classic round cubic zirconia. It is the most sought-after cut & tends to have the most brilliance. This is true for both diamonds & CZ. However, most people love cuts that are different from round ones. 

These are oppositely known as "fancies" or fancy cut diamonds. Fancies offer a look that is different from the crowd. It is not just the shape alone, but fancy cuts like a cushion, Asscher & emerald-cut stones offer a completely different look when light reflects.

  • Setting Style

These CZ Engagement Rings settings range from plain & simple metal to highly intricate, flowing designs set with many tiny stones.

Again, in the world of real diamond engagement rings, where you are dealing with white gold & a very high retail price for labor, the price difference between plain & fancy settings can be dramatic. So we use silver instead of gold on Jewelry CZ rings, & we cut out the retail store middleman. 

This indicates that the price won't have much difference for fancy or plain. When choosing the setting style, you probably would consider the line of work of the fiancée or bride, her fashion style & of course, her personality. For example, she may not want to wear an over-the-top, fancy-looking ring if she is the more common essential type that dresses casually.

Tip: Whenever in doubt, remember that most timeless engagement rings are probably the plain solitaire engagement rings. This class of rings has a center stone in the middle & the sides of the ring are either plain metal or some accent stones. Another classic is the 3 stone style. In some recent years, the most prevalent style in the jewelry world has been halo engagement rings.

  • Stone Size

In the world of diamonds, the dimension of the center stone really makes a HUGE difference in the value. Still, the price difference is not as dramatic when we talk about the cubic zirconia universe, so you don't have to worry about the price. Instead, you should consider how much "wow factor" you want to be packed into the ring. 

The larger the stone will be, the more your ring will turn heads & capture attention. This may be fancied by some ladies but not by others. Also, the larger it is, the less "believable" the ring is because diamond engagement rings over 2 carats probably cost something over $15,000.

Tip: If you desire a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring that is beautiful, credible & still considered to be quite subtle, stick to 0.75-1.25 carat for the center stone because anything over 1 carat is deemed significant & anything over 2 carats is considered huge.

Some Extra Tips

  • Contact the close friends of the person you want to surprise to see the ring styles that are her favorite. They might be familiar with her taste & point you in the correct direction.
  • Walk through our jewelry store window displays & notice her reaction to the different styles. Try to know by pinpointing if she loves round stone, princess cut (square), or something else. See if her interest is more in fancy or plain styles.
  • If you want to gift a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, but you do not want her parents or friends to know it's CZ, you can buy low-key things. For instance, get a planer-style ring with a smaller, round center stone because it looks natural & remains believable.

  • A CZ Engagement Ring for Every Personality

    At Chic Jewelry, we embrace, admire individuality as well as encourage individuality. We want you to carry your beautiful CZ ring boldly into the future with pride & assurance that you have the perfect ring for your personality & your loved ones.

    We have plenty of styles from which to choose. Our sales specialists will be with you through every step of the buying process to furnish you with a stunning masterpiece that is as unique as you are.

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