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4C's of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Diamonds are globally scaled against the "4C's standard": Cut, Clarity, Color & Carat Weight. However, all these features can also be found in high-quality cubic zirconia stones.

If you are simply going to look at both types of stones with your naked eye, you will probably see no difference between a 5A cubic zirconia & a classic, perfect & ideal-cut diamond. However, even experienced jewelers having decades of experience can't differentiate between our 5A AAAAA diamond-quality cubic zirconia & some of the best & rarest of flawless diamonds without using unique props, testing methods and/or equipment. 

In fact, the more precise the diamond is, the more complex a jeweler has to struggle to determine if it is really a diamond or a cubic zirconia stone!

These 5A cubic zirconia stones that we make at Chic Jewelry are flawless, with a dazzling sparkle, great Clarity & radiant fire, good hardness & durability. 

In this blog post, let's discuss the 4C’s of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry. Let's start!

  • Cut

Since these CZ stones are generally man-made, they can be cut in the very same way as authentic diamonds. In fact, while getting an "ideal cut" natural diamond is rare, all our 5A cubic zirconia stones are manufactured & cut to be "ideal cut" stones as a Cut standard.

  • Clarity 

Moreover, being man-made additionally enables cubic zirconia stones to be absolutely clear & flawless. This varies with the Clarity of natural diamonds, where contaminants or "inclusions" are common.

Moreover, this particular reason also lets CZ to be constructed in the most clearest & colorless/transparent form. So, while natural diamonds are ranked in Color where the more transparent it is, the more the dealer will charge for it, all high-quality clear/white CZ are truly Colorless.

  • Color

As far as the Color of CZ stone is concerned, taking that even a level further, cubic zirconia can be produced in any color (making it a perfect simulant stone).

  • Carat Weight

Last but not least, Carat Weight is not only a function of the size of a stone, but it is a weight function & many people aren't aware of that. CZ is a denser substance than diamond. Hence our Cubic Zirconia stone of "X" carats is truly 1.7 times as dense & heavy as an identically-sized diamond of "X" carats.

We market our Cubic Zirconia in a "diamond carat weight equivalent", so the stones we call 1, 2, 3 carats or which own the corresponding millimeter length & width dimensions of a similar, ideal-cut diamond actually weigh a little more. "Who cares?". Just give it a thought: a couple tenths of a gram in load is not going to alter how attractive & beautiful your CZ jewelry is! 

It is worth believing that our 5A cubic zirconia stones from Chic Jewelry are visually indistinguishable from pure, perfect & ideal-cut natural diamonds to the naked eye. However, once you begin "scratching the surface" -- literally & figuratively -- that's where the main differences arise between our cubic zirconia & diamonds.

Let's wrap it up

Now that you know all about the 4C's of Cubic Zirconia Stone, you can fill out our custom inquiry form to get started. You can also book an appointment for one-on-one interactions with our CZ Stone Jewelry designer. 

At, we have been manufacturing rings & other jewels with experience going back 35 years. Our skilled staff is a part of a 75-year dynasty of three generations. We operate from the Los Angeles Jewelry District, providing service to the retail & the entire jewelry industry. Being in the heart of where it all happens, we have every resource at our fingertips to provide all the services our customers demand.^

Rest assured, whatever idea is in your mind, we at Chic Jewelry can transform it into a stunning piece of CZ jewelry. You'll forever cherish the totally unique, memorable piece made the way you want it.