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How To Choose Cubic Zirconia Jewelry That Looks & Feels Really Believable?

Jewelers at Chic Jewelry handcraft the cubic zirconia jewelry by implementing the very same techniques & care as they would treat the genuine diamond jewelry. Our stones are also of top-quality AAA stones & 5A flawless Zirconia on the 4mm & up stone. This simply means that all of our CZ jewelry looks damn real. 

However, there are some things to watch for, that make some specific pieces more believable or, let's say, real. After all, most jewelry customers want a more affordable alternative to expensive diamond jewelry but not a cheap-looking knockoff. 

Here are a few quick tips for you to help you choose more believable or real CZ jewelry from Chic Jewelry.

  • Piece Size

The piece size of the CZ Jewelry unquestionably plays an influential role. With platinum & real gold jewelry, a somewhat larger & thicker piece would probably cost hundreds & even thousands of dollars. 

According to us the smaller the CZ jewelry piece, the more believable or real it will look.

  • Stone Size

Stone size also plays a substantial part in deciding the cost of your CZ jewelry. Many jewelry enthusiasts do not realize that giant stones are generally more expensive than smaller ones. 

For instance, if all the stuff is equal in the CZ jewelry, a 5-carat diamond would cost more than five 1 carat diamonds.

If believable or the natural appearance is what you want. Trust us, items with smaller stones look more real. The most convincing would be styles created with pave' setting, where the complete design is made with many small-sized stones.

  • The Whole Look

As stated before, all high-quality cubic zirconia jewelry always looks real. CZ jewelry at Chic Jewelry is on a different level compared to cheap jewelry from other accessory stores. What makes any jewelry look real is its entire appearance. 

For instance, in a formal evening event where you are rocking your chic heels & an expensive designer bag, you can surely get away with more substantial pieces or larger stones. However, that same item worn with a simple t-shirt & jeans may look "fake" even if it was the same item.

So always keep in mind the setting & the entire look when picking a CZ jewelry item for that day.

  • Confidence Above All

At the end of the day, it actually does not matter whatever others think about you. The only thing that should matter is the confidence you flaunt while flaunting your fashionable CZ jewelry. 

Most buyers can afford big CZ pieces with huge stones still; they decide to spend their funds more wisely. CZ Jewelry is not about what others think rather it is about excellence in design & craftsmanship. 

It's also not about a price tag. CZ Jewelry is an artistic composition & you should buy & wear what you like because the confidence you wear with the jewelry is the true beauty. Wear your jewelry proudly & have fun doing so!

Why Buy Your CZ Jewelry From Chic Jewelry?

Because we are the best in the market when it comes to Cubic Zirconia jewelry. We have been manufacturing CZ rings & other CZ jewelry with experience going back 35 years. 

Our skilled staff is a part of a 75-year dynasty of three generations. Being in the heart of where it all happens, we have every resource at our fingertips to provide all the services our customers demand.

For any kind of assistance related to Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, you can directly contact our experts by filling out our form at