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Cubic Zirconia - Why It’s A Hot Jewelry Trend Today?

While shopping for gorgeous jewelry, most of the people go for traditional precious metals such as diamonds or gold. However, the beloved jewelry industry has snowballed over the years, with the latest technology leading to new jewelry materials. 

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is unquestionably among these synthetic substances, which has emerged as the most popular diamond alternative.

As the fashion jewelry industry aims for sustainability, there is automatically a search for natural gemstones & metals alternatives. So if you are seeking to purchase in-demand jewelry items at amazingly affordable prices, it's time to examine why CZ jewelry is now in vogue. 

It's the very first step in keeping up with the most hyped & hottest trends in the fashion industry.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry in Brief

CZ is also recognized as diamond simulate, artificial diamond, or faux diamond. It's a synthetic substance made in labs by fusing & melting powdered zirconium & zirconium dioxide under extreme heat.

The final outcome is a perfect stone free of all sorts of inclusions & compared to exquisite diamonds in terms of crystal clarity & brilliance. In addition, during the whole manufacturing process, the stone can be produced in any shade to simulate any diamond color. 

Cubic Zirconia jewelry production started in the 1970s & since then, it has significantly grown in popularity as the best diamond alternative.

Reasons to Wear Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Many jewelry lovers have started looking for an alternative to diamond jewelry to make more value for their money. We all know that a diamond's value results from its light dispersion, brilliance & beauty. 

Believe us, the same light dispersion, brilliance & beauty you get when you purchase CZ Jewelry from Chic Jewelry at a much less price. This is a significant reason why more people now have started to wear Cubic Zirconia jewelry.

Diamond pieces in the jewelry market will probably cost you thousands of dollars & you might not even get an actual stone. However, this is merely one reason to opt for evenly beautiful Cubic Zirconia Jewelry. Other significant reasons for making CZ jewelry in trend include:

  • Sustainability

The jewelry business in recent years has come under scrutiny due to its reckless attitude toward the ecosystem. While everyone desires to look good, not many in this business want to look at the bigger picture.

There is actually a lot of demand to turn to sustainable jewelry production & the best way of doing this is by creating & developing alternatives to natural metals.

Cubic Zirconia jewelry is a pretty hot trend. Many fashion influencers & celebs vouch for its entrance into the mainstream market. However, if you aspire both to look good as well as save the planet at the same time, it is advisable to buy sustainable jewelry like this.

You can also enhance your jewelry collection by purchasing cubic zirconia jewelry from Chic Jewelry. This will be a great statement about your dedication to saving planet earth.

  • Durability & Strength

One of the initial considerations while buying jewelry is the durability factor of the item. Unfortunately, most natural substances used in jewelry are susceptible to damage from exposure. Therefore, they require special care & which makes them a costly investment.

Cubic Zirconia is really a solid & long-lasting material formed under extreme heat conditions. With a hardness degree of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, it comes really close to a diamond with a degree of 100.

Cubic Zirconia jewelry does not have the risk of cracking & chipping. If you really want to spend on long-lasting jewelry, you must look at the wide variety of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry at the Chic Jewelry online store.

  • Flawless Jewelry

One of the significant drawbacks of natural gems used in jewelry production is the presence of flaws. Diamond, one of the most expensive metals, comprises inclusions, & it is nearly impossible to find a flawless stone.

This is where CZ Jewelry comes in handy as the best choice because it is optically flawless. The CZ gemstone has excellent fire, brilliance & sparkle when compared to the natural diamond. If you are thinking of buying a dazzling gem for your jewelry set, Cubic Zirconia jewelry from Chic Jewelry should definitely top your list.

  • Affordability

While every jewelry lover probably likes to don a diamond & that is one of the primary reasons why the price of a diamond is too high. 

Since the top diamond companies declared “diamonds are here forever,” the prices have continuously kept rising as customers have bought into the hype. 

On the other hand, CZ Jewelry is pretty affordable & it also holds the most qualities you like in a diamond. Trust us, you can get all this from Cubic Zirconia jewelry without breaking the bank from brilliance, hardness & elegance.

  • Easy To Wear Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is easy to wear with both formal & casual outfits. If you want to upgrade your jewelry collection, CZ jewelry definitely does the trick & you will have different pieces to suit any occasion.

Final Thoughts

Looking for an anniversary or an engagement ring, or maybe you want to overhaul your jewelry collection? Whatever are your jewelry requirements, CZ Jewelry is a trend that you can not afford to miss.

CZ beautiful jewelry at Chic Jewelry is affordable, versatile, eco-friendly, ethically built, is really durable & sturdy. It is undoubtedly the ultimate alternative to diamonds & no one can tell the difference.