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Some Cool Facts About Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia jewelry or universally appreciated as "CZs," is heating up as the super-smart alternative for anyone who loves their "bling." Believe us, there are some very good & valid reasons why CZ jewelry is the hot ticket among those who could afford somewhat pricier real diamonds, gems or anyone who desires dazzling (but affordable) jewelry. 

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CZs result when "zirconium oxide" is greatly heated to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Some other things are appended to the recipe so that the CZ stone or this diamond alternative sustains its shape & characteristics as it cools. And the end result is beautiful pieces that are almost indistinguishable from actual gemstones.

Here are some interesting facts about cubic zirconia CZ jewelry & why the rich have now started choosing these pieces over "the real thing."

  • Initially, it was ignored!

"Zirconium oxide," the fundamental element of cubic zirconia jewelry, was first discovered in the year 1937 by German mineralogists. They rejected it as nothing very special. And it would have stayed that way, but Soviet-era scientists stumbled upon it again.

They believed that it could be further developed in their lab & turned into a kind of diamond-hard indestructible glass to be utilized in their space program. They also anticipated incorporating its properties into a laser.

Fast forward to the year 1969 when someone got the genius idea to transform this growable, "diamond-like" substance into actual pieces of jewelry

  • The rich love CZ Jewels...

One of the biggest markets for Cubic Zirconia jewelry are rich people. Celebrities & high-rollers can "look the part" without much worry. Insurance firms also love Cubic Zirconia owners for not putting them on the hook for a big-ticket piece. But, of course, that suggests big insurance savings.

The other cold, hard fact is that diamonds generally lose 50% of their value after purchase. Here's a nasty secret: natural diamonds are marked up anywhere from 100 to 200%, so retailers are not anxious to purchase them back at the same cost.

  • CZs often stump the experts.

If anyone bothers that cubic zirconia pieces somehow stand out from actual gemstones or diamonds, know that the specialists themselves require some pretty serious equipment to distinguish them from the real thing.

Today's technology has made it such that high-quality CZ's are almost indistinguishable from their real mineralogical counterparts. So as you flash our gorgeous Cubic zirconia ring or cubic zirconia diamond engagement rings or earrings, know that pretty much everyone will simply say, "Wow!"

  • CZs are pretty heavier than diamonds!

A cubic zirconia stone is somewhere around 75% heavier than a diamond of equal size. For gaining deep knowledge regarding the above mentioned fact, you can click the link & gain more.

  • CZs have a pedigree!

Cubic Zirconia is so majestic in its makeup that even the high-ticket corporation, Chic Jewelry, utilizes it in their highly-priced crystal items.


Over the centuries, gemstones & minerals have often been associated with mystical powers. For example, "Cubic Zirconia" is linked to balancing one's body's health, both physically & mentally. Wearing "Cubic Zirconia" jewelry is also believed to help connect you with the Angelic realms.

So not only will you look outstanding, but you will also have a direct line to some pretty majestic higher powers.

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