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Did you know that we design and manufacture custom CZ jewelry? After browsing our wide selection of jewelry, you may still be looking for that special design that only exists in your mind's eye. Our selection doesn't stop at our web store. Our master craftsmen can make a piece that is just right for you. We don't even need a complete blueprint to start working. All we need is collaboration with you to make the jewelry piece of your dreams.

It's as easy as 1,2,3 to make that special design a real jewelry masterpiece. If you've browed through our selection of popular CZ rings and haven't found what you're looking for, follow the steps below for collaborating with Chic Jewelry on creating the perfect custom ring.


It starts with an idea—YOURS! Contact one of our designers and describe what is brewing up in your head. If you have a picture, you can simply upload it with your message that you send us. If you would like to discuss the specifics of anything that inspired you in our CZ platinum ring and CZ gold ring selections, one of our jewelers would be happy to contact you so we can better achieve what you would like to have made.


Before we create a mold or cast, one of our designers will prepare a sketch of your concept and contact you for approval. If you would like CZ matching ring sets of your design, we can accommodate this as well. Once you approve our drawing, we will prepare a more detailed computer generated image for you to look at.


Once the computer generated 3D design is approved, we will start the process of creating your unique custom jewelry creation. Our top quality methods and machinery will give you stunning results for a one of a kind piece of jewelry that you can treasure forever. A unique, high quality cubic zirconia engagement ring makes a beautiful gift for that special someone. Consider creating custom rings for anniversaries and other gifts as well.


Call us toll free at 888-884-2442 or email us at for more information.