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Trade Your Jewelry

Receive Store Credit by Donating Unwanted Jewelry

Unwanted gold or platinum jewelry, either broken or previously given by an ex-husband or wife can be turned into a treasure by Chic Jewelry. We work our magic by turning useless and broken jewelry into gorgeous works of art. Simply send us your jewelry by insured mail, and we will credit you towards your next purchase at our store. Imagine finally having the ability to get rid of your discarded accessories that have been sitting in your jewelry box in a beneficial way.

Use your store credit for any selection from our extensive variety of cubic zirconia jewelry, to find a new perfect gift without the history. Instead of pawning your unwanted jewelry for a minimal price, search our inventory and find the perfect inspiration for your dream accessory. Once we receive your old jewelry in an insured package by mail, we can appraise it and use that value towards a stunning white gold or platinum cubic zirconia ring or jewelry set.

Any scrap gold or platinum is a perfect candidate for our store crediting program here at Chic Jewelry.

We offer a great amount of videos and details on our website so you can make an informed decision about any purchase from our store. For example, in our information tab, we show you how we melt and cast our designer rings into a brand new stunning accessory piece. Put your heart at rest knowing that your old jewelry is in good hands. Make a smart choice by mailing us your old jewelry to receive store credit.