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Loose Stones

Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones - CZ we offer has AAA high quality. It is IGI (International Gemological Institute) Certified. EACH "A" has a meaning in comparison to a natural diamond; 1. CLARITY: IF (INTERNALLY FLAWLESS) 2.COLOR GRADE: D COLOR (WHICH IS THE HIGHEST COLOR IN NATURAL DIAMONDS) 3.CUT: IDEAL This combination that exists in our Cubic Zirconia stones, surpasses any cubic zirconia by it's high quality, brilliance, depth and shine. Our jewelers only hand pick stones that are equivalent to the finest diamond shape and color. Contact us with any questions: toll free 888-884-2442. Listed below are the 10 most popular and traditional cuts. Feel free to browse our cubic zirconia shapes: Cubic Zirconia Round Brilliant - the most classic cut, CZ Princess - a four-sided square cut, CZ Radiant - a rectangular shape with a brilliant cut, CZ Emerald - a traditional classic rectangular shape in a step cut, CZ Pear - also known as a tear drop -combines the brilliance and form of a round stone with the elongated elegance of a marquise, CZ Oval - elongated form of the round brilliant cut, both in sparkle and shape, CZ Heart - shaped like a heart, CZ Marquise - an elongated brilliant-cut stone with a point on each end, CZ Asscher Cut- Square shape with cut corners and step cut, CZ Cushion Cut- Square shape with rounded corners and brilliance similar to a round cut. We provide lifetime warranty on cubic zirconia stones that are set in our settings, at no extra charge. Why spend thousands on diamonds, if you can buy the highest quality of cubic zirconia from