Hi Ophelia, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for working with me on this ring. It means a lot for me to get this for my wife as I couldn't get her a wedding band on our wedding day. This is the exact ring she wanted!! Thanks again and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! If any of my friends or family need jewelry, I'll be more than happy to give a referral.
I was just sitting here looking at my rings and had to email you again thanking you for such a great wedding set! Absolutely everyone who sees it makes a comment on it! I am so very pleased and in the midst of 3 hurricanes this was the only thing that lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. Our house was damaged so that we cannot live in it and are in the process of trying to get all the work done...may be in our house by January! Anyways...everyone thinks my rings are real diamonds...even my husband at first thought I was joking when I told him I ordered and got the cubic...he was definitely impressed! Thanks.
Great Assistance!
I received the pendant much quicker than I had anticipated. I surprised my wife that evening with the 1 ct. marquis. She was flabbergasted (obviously thinking it was the diamond we had priced at $6,000 a couple of weeks earlier). She said, "I thought we decided to look at a cz and not invest that much money in a necklace." She could not believe she was looking at a cz. The quality of the mount was much more than I ever expected. The assistance you provided was outstanding. I certainly appreciate you and have recommended you several times already. Thanks again!
Hi Ophelia I want to let you know that I received my ring and "I love it " is beautiful just what I want it and well made, thank you so much for all your help. Kind regards,
Wow! I just received the ring and "oh my god!" You guys are the best. I'll be sure to tell a lot of people about your company. I have never been more satisfied with a jewelry purchase. Simply magnificent! Thanks again for ALL your help.
My Ring is Amazing!
Happy Monday... I just wanted to follow up with you, I got home to open the package, and my ring is Amazing!!!! Thank you so much for all the attention you gave me thru my ordeal...Thank you for working with me to able to get a new ring all together....You and the staff have all been very professional , and super accommodating... The ring is a stunner!!!! I got tons compliments on the ring at the wedding this weekend, and most of all I got my ring back, I'm one happy girl... the quality is fantasic!!!! Thank you so much again
The ring arrived today and looks beautiful. I can't wait for my wife to get home so I can show it to her. And you sent it FedEx - you provide good customer service and that will be mentioned to our friends. Best wishes for your continued success.
Hi Ophelia....I just got home and opened my package.....it is just what I wanted.....yes, yes,yes! Perfect. Thank you so much! You have a customer for life.
Hi, I recieved the ring! It looks great. Good Job.
Ophelia, I left town to do some diving in Honduras, I wanted to tell you great job on the ring! I am giving it to her in Thailand, I know she will love it. Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate the professionalism in doing business with you, and you are a pleasure to work with. Be sure and thank everyone involved in the ring manufacturing process what a great job they do.
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