Congratulation! You did it for me. I have finally found a jewelry store where they do what they say. I wanted to replace my wedding ring, which served its purpose for 25 yrs and needed to be retired for a new one. I didn't want to spend and arm and a leg for the ring so I decided to go with cubic zirconia. I still needed it to be gold because of my sensitive skin. Your site delivered great results. I got the ring that I wanted with the stone that I picked. It's amazing the quality of the craftsmanship that the setting possessed. I am overjoyed with the results. You guys have my business for life!!!
Prompt Delivery!
Very fast response to my email questions Very attentive sales rep Felt very comfortable placing my order Prompt delivery AND Most of all, the ring I ordered is absolutely beautiful. When I received it yesterday, I was so nervous when I opened the box. To be honest, I had prepared myself for the worst. I lifted the lid and shut it immediately and just held my breath. It was stunning. The stone is brilliant and so much better than I could have anticipated. It's gorgeous. I just can't say enough to justify how impressed I am. I also wanted to say that what convinced me to get the ring was the lady who responded to my email (Ophelia Muradian). I ask if the quality of the stone was good. I told her that I really liked the picture I saw and she responded to my email (very quickly) that if I liked the picture, she promised me I'd love it on my hand. She honored her promise. She has been prompt in emailing me. She phoned me directly after another question I had and I purchased the ring right there on that same call. She is the one that eliminated all my apprehensions and sold me on the ring. Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service, your EXTENSIVE selection of jewelry (I looked at many, many other sites and none came close to your selection), very user friendly web site, prompt service and most of all delivering what you advertise. Whoever is responsible for creating and maintaining this company and all their employees who support it are what all other businesses should be. Many thanks. I am simply. . .happy!
I can't thank you enough for the BEAUTIFUL job that you did repairing my ring. At first, I was very apprehensive to send my diamond wedding ring, but you made it very easy to trust you and it was worth it. You and your husband were so very patient in answering all of my questions and putting my worries to rest. The craftsmanship is unbelievable! My ring looks more beautiful than I ever imagined! Thank you so much for your quick, reasonable, and excellent work. I have recommended all of my friends to your web site. Thanks so much.
Forgot to let you know that I got my ring. It is BEAUTIFUL!! When I took it to a local jewelry store to get my solitaire stone set they "raved" about it. Thanks so much for all your help. You should be getting more business because I have been telling all my friends about it and when they see the ring, they'll be hooked!!
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - The package arrived without detection and the contents are just what was hoped for. Your advice was instrumental in making it the perfect selection. Thank you.
It arrived- I'm wearing it- it's perfect and it's beautiful!!! Thanks for all your help.
Absolutely Delighted!
I am writing to tell others who are considering buying from this website that my choice to purchase several rings from them was one of the smartest shopping decisions I've ever made.
This is Adams girlfriend, Clare. Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help....I overjoyed that my ring is coming! I have been in every website looking for an engagement ring that I liked at a price we could afford. I can honestly say Im impressed with yours the most. It was a difficult choice as there were so many rings I liked. Ill certainly be recommending you to friends and family here in Scotland. Ill be able to flash my stunning ring with pride. Thanks once again for your help and for giving me an excellent site to shop on. Ill definately be making more purchases.
I wanted a piece of jewelry that I had seen that had a very complicated design. I decided to have it made. I looked for several months for a jeweler that could make the design with the level of skill and craftsmanship that was comparable to the work on the ring I had seen. In two instances, though the businesses advertised that they could do custom work, the jewelers were not skilled enough to take on the project..thankfully they said so right from the start (I knew this WAS a tricky design..I had already had several jewelers tell me that). I contacted two other places that gave me estimates but they we more invested in making the sale than they were in what I wanted as a customer. After careful discussions with those other companies and then with Ophelia I just knew in my heart of hearts that if they did the job it would be done RIGHT!! I was very nervous about proceeding. What a WONDERFUL decision it was to go with them!! The quality of craftsmanship and service was worth EVERY penny and then some!!! Generally it IS true that you get what you pay for...except in this case we got FAR more than we expected!!! What I got from thsi company was the MOST amazing service anyone could ever expect!! You would have thought that I was buying a $50,000 ring the way I was treated. They went ABOVE and BEYOND the hallmark of excellent service. They called and spoke to me on the phone about my design and took my calls with questions as often as necessary to ensure a wonderful outcome. My husband was weary of doing business with a company 2000 miles away AND over the internet so he insisted on buying a sample piece of jewelry before agreeing to have the custom piece done. Now I am even embarrassed that we did that. When we received the sample piece in the mail ( on of their regular items) it was beautiful and we knew the skill of the jewelers at this company could handle even OUR tricky design. After it was all said and done buying a sample ring was a waste of time. They have excellent quality jewelry! All through the first stages of the process I was VERY nervous about doing this over the internet. I was afraid they would not get the details and would not capture the ring the wa! y I wanted it and so on and so on...but I had ABSOLUTELY NO reason to worry!! The jeweler got EVERY single detail down to the smallest thing COMPLETELY as I wanted it! This company honored EVERY promise they made, they were reputable, and they were clearly wanting me to be pleased with the final result. When I saw the final product I was blown away ! Amazingly, Art had done such a beautiful job that the ring was MORE beautiful than the one I had seen initially!!! The metal working was excellent!! No dimples, ridges, seams, pits or anything..just a beautiful piece of work!!! The stones that were used were of the absolute best quality! Clear, well cut, lot's of diamond fire, with ever stone size and shape one can image to choose from. A custom design from this company was the perfect solution! My husband thinks they are the best thing to ever come along...and I never thought I'd hear him say THAT about a jewelry store! On a personal note I have become fond of Ophelia and Art! I have never met ANYONE who cared so much about wanting the customer to be happy with their purchase. Looking back, now that I have done business with them, it was foolish for me to have EVER worried about doing a custom design by way of e-mails and phone calls. The end result was so beautiful it is breathtaking. They have amazing customer service, incredible craftsmanship and Artistic talent, and excellent quality stones and metals. They treated me like they had no other concerns except my project! I can't say enough good about them! I'm already gearing up for my second custom designed piece from them. I'd NEVER think of going anywhere else even if the other guys said they'd make a piece of jewelry for me for free... There just is NOT a replacement for the care and product I know I will get at their company. I am SO VERY glad that found them. Thank you!!
I just opened the ring I ordered from you, and I was so amazed at the quality workmanship, the sparkle of the stone, and the absolutely beautiful ring I just had to call you and let you know. I was given the very best customer care possible, and delivered a ring that will be a lifetime treasure. I think the most impressive part of this ring is the attention to quality, it looks like I spent a fortune!! I thank all of you and look forward to future business with you.
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