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Hello Ophelia,
I have now got my absolutely beautiful white and yellow gold ring set – wow it is so stunning and I am super happy with this. Thank you so much.
I will be sure to post a glowing review on it.

Kind regards,
Hi Ophelia,

I just wanted to update you on things.

I got the ring and everything is well. I proposed and my finance she loves it very much. Thank you so much for your kind and unending assistance. If I do need any other assistance I will not hesitate to email you.

I do look forward to doing more business with your company. You are simply the best!!!!!!!

Thank you very much again.

Dear Ophelia,

Thank you so much for your time and super customer care in helping me.

I will never forget how helpful you have been. I really appreciate all your efforts.

Thank you very very much. You surely have a customer for life.


Orville Williams.
Incredible design and service. Worked with me to ensure the ring I purchased fit my wife's small fingers. Made a custom size, and when it still was too big, helped me resize to fit perfectly. Amazing service - especially Ophelia who truly cares about the product and the experience. Thank you!
You are the freaking BEST!!!!! That's why I keep coming back!!!!!!!!
Mom will love it!!!!!!
Thanks a billion!!!!!!

OMG is all I can say. The ring totally exceeds my expectations and I cannot stop looking at it!!! It puts my real engagement ring to shame even though everyone, myself included, always thought that it was awesome. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who's in the market for any type of jewelry as the quality of the workmanship is outstanding and the sheer beauty of the piece is beyond words.

My only question is...

Is there a wedding band that matches this ring? If so, I must have it so I sure hope there is.

Thank you for the most exquisite ring I have ever laid my eyes on,
I've been wanting a particular diamond ring that I saw and took pictures of 2 years ago. However, I couldn't see myself paying for expensive diamonds. Then I noticed my coworker was wearing a beautiful "diamond" ring but when she told me it's Cubic Zirconia (CZ), I couldn't believe it. So I was on a hunt for a nice CZ ring and discovered Chic Jewelry. I wasn't sure about them at first. They're all the way in CA, and I can't easily visit them in person. However, after reading several positive reviews and BBB rating, I felt more comfortable. Then after talking to Ophelia, who totally got what I was looking for, I decided to order a custom ring from then.

Well, ladies...if you ever want a beautiful ring without a huge price tag, search no more!!!!!! I got the ring and it was AMAZING! It looks just like real diamonds and actually even prettier. And talk about the sparkles....it's sooooo sparkly.

Art, the designer, did an amazing job!!! Seriously, this guy is the bomb! Don't know how he did it. Ophelia who's the main contact person was just simply a pleasure to work with. She constantly update me on the progress. If there's any questions, she doesn't hesitate to contact and walk it through together.

I wish I could take a better pic of the ring but my darn camera phone wouldn't cooperate. It's gorgeous in person. The pic did not do this ring justice. Chic Jewelry did post a much better pic and video on their Facebook and IG account if you want to see a close-up.

The ONLY negative thing about all this --- I WANT MORE!!!!!!

Again, thank you Art & Ophelia!!! You make this girl very happy :)

I have purchased 4 rings from Chic Jewelry, three of which were custom-made. All four rings have been absolutely beautiful and were even more amazing than I had imagined that they would be.

This review is long-overdue. Ophelia is amazing to work with and will do everything possible to ensure that your ring is EXACTLY what you want.
I just wanted to message you to say that I love the ring you sent me! I ordered a 6.5mm x 6.5mm princess cut in a solitaire setting, and it is beautiful. The cut of the stone is of superior quality compared to other CZ's I've seen, and the workmanship is wonderful. Thanks again for your excellent work!!
I wanted to let you know my ring arrived yesterday. I can't even put it into words how beautiful it is! . The online pictures do not do it justice. Thank you soo much for making the ring in my size, it fits perfectly. I have been keeping my eye on this ring for over a year and we were finally able take the plunge. I've been with my husband for 26 years and I lost a stone and in my original ring a few years back. Rather than replace the stone I really wanted to to change my ring style and really didn't want yellow gold any more. Thank you for such incredible customer service. I will definitely recommend Chic Jewelry to everyone I know.
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